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A beautiful, delicious cake is one of the main centerpieces of any successful children’s party. Not only do most children love eating cake, adult guests like eating it too. Cakes in the shape of children’s characters or ones that coordinate with popular kid’s party themes are not only a way to provide food for your event, but to add to the festive atmosphere. Because kiddies cakes serve a dual function as decor and food, they’re worth the investment and are guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face. Just imagine the surprised look on their faces in their photos, and how impressed guests will be when you bring out a fun kid’s cake — they never fail to impress!

We offer a large variety of kids birthday cakes for events in Cape Town that not only look great, but taste excellent. No matter if your party is large or small, we have a cake size that will suit your needs. In addition to standard sheet cakes, we have 2D, 3D, and tiered cakes that will help put your guests into a party mood and provide a tasty treat. The prices for our kids birthday cakes vary according to many factors. The number of servings is one element to consider, as is the amount of detail that you want in the design. Very elaborate and intricate designs or large cakes will cost more, but will also serve as a fantastic addition to your party. It’s not uncommon for some of our customers to order a sheet cake in addition to a 3D or tiered cake, especially at events where there will be many guests in attendance. 

It’s important to consider the number of servings that you’ll need before placing an order, and to order your cake as far in advance as possible. To ensure that all of your guests will get to enjoy a slice, carefully count the number of expected attendees. We’ll help make sure that the cake size you’re interested in will be sufficient to share with all of the guests at your children’s party. We can get cakes to match just about any party theme, and we’re sure to offer your child’s favorite cartoon and movie characters. To learn more about our selection of kiddie cakes, contact us today.

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